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Scott Long is many things. He has been touring the country the last 10 years bringing his comedy to the masses across the country. Scott's stand-up club show is filled with edgy, unpredictable material that demonstrates comedy can be thought-provoking, but hilarious, at the same time. Scott has performed in over 25 states in just the last year. He has performed for such varied audiences as Federal prisoners, strip club patrons, and charity benefits.

Scott also has a separate show that he does for corporate events. This corporate show is based on a concept Scott calls "I'm OK, I'm Not Sure About You". This is basically a method of positive thinking through negative thinking, where Scott demonstrates that we overrate people we don't know, but underrate the people we are most familiar with. This comedic show, develops the theme that people we are new to, are people we generally overrate. On the other hand, family members and co-workers, we underrate, as we know them so well we focus on their negatives too much. This show is perfect for the person who is too cynical for most positive thinking lecturers, as it takes a skeptical look at the typical professional speaker-type speech. To get a better idea of what this show is like, click on the column icon on the home page and then click on I'm OK, I'm Not Sure About You.

Scott's book, Dysfunctional Thoughts of a 21st Century Man came out in October of 2001. This book is filled with humorous columns that Scott has written over the past two years. The best way to understand what they are like is to click on the column icon and read some of the writings available. Like his stand-up, these columns have a darkly twisted point of view about the world and his family.

Scott also makes many radio and television appearances each year. A regular contributor to Fox Sports Radio's program, Mark Patrick on Sports (MPOS), Scott excels at exposing the funny elements of the sports world. Click on the calendar icon to find out when he will next be on (MPOS) or any other national media outlets.

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